VR TeamSpace – for meetings when you can’t meet

Humans are social creatures, and nothing beats meeting people face-to-face. But sometimes, that’s not possible.  Perhaps you can’t travel transatlantic. Or want to actively reduce your company’s carbon footprint. We’re all used to phonecalls, and Teams meetings, but what if you want something better?  Something more immersive than Teams, that gives you the true feeling of being in the same room as your colleagues, without having to leave your (home) office?  

VR TeamSpace ™ is Box Bear’s secure bespoke virtual meetings platform, enabling you to meet and work with up to 15 other people in a fully immersive VR environment. Designed specifically for business use, we build lifelike Avatars for each participant so that people look like themselves. High fidelity directional sound gives you clear audio cues as to who is speaking, and where. And body language is communicated effectively via hand tracking.  

Meetings can be recorded for transcription, or even streamed and broadcast to an external audience via our VR Studio ™ plug-in. Great for round-table panel discussions, symposiums or other group debating events.  

VR TeamSpace ™ provides everything you need to meet your colleagues or customers, host events, workshops, and training sessions virtually. 


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