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In the media communications era, how do you differentiate suppliers?

The Box Bear pitch is simple: excite your customer- give them an experience and they will share it, which is why global organisations like GlaxoSmithKline, ISS, IBM and Roche use and retain us. We’re also a first choice for leading media agencies such as GCI.

Talk to us about the success we achieve for clients, and how we can achieve the same results for you.


Video Production

Merge images, text, animation and more for superior audience engagement

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Surpass reality to create a superior emotional connection

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Deliver mass media communications on a one-to-one basis

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Augmented Reality

Give your products and services a larger-than-life voice

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Bear Essentials
Bear Quotes

“It has been great working with Box Bear. They really put your mind at ease prior to your big webcasts and ensure that the whole event runs smoothly.

I have worked with Box Bear in an end to end process from the filming of content to editing, re-purposing and delivering the content to a wide range of health care professional and have found the service they provide exceptional and have met my needs at every step of the journey in order to deliver against my target.

It is great to see how flexible Box Bear have been in the build up to an event and how organised they are to make sure my webcasts have run without a hitch.”

Brand Manager - GlaxoSmithKline

“In my opinion BOX BEAR ticks all the boxes for a fantastic audio-visual partner. They are creative, reliable, calm on-site and fun to work with. Their unique combination of technical knowledge and a background in brand management means that they not only understand what it is we are trying to achieve but why we are doing it. And most of all I really trust that Box Bear will always do a great job – even my most demanding clients love them.”

Resolute Communications Ltd

“I have been using BOX BEAR over the past 5 years for all my multi media projects. I come back to them time and time again, as they always deliver to such a high standard, within tight time frames and fully understand my needs. They are highly reliable and very professional to work with. Nothing ever seems too much for them. They are always at the end of a phone if I have any queries.”


The Bears

Box Bear is the initiative of Jolyon Hennings and Steve French, two experienced sales and communications professionals who merged industry expertise with a flair for directing large-scale media communications projects. Benefiting from insider knowledge of how global brands operate, Box Bear has consistently delivered success for clients for over 12 years.

Jolyon Hennings


After a successful career in sales and marketing for GlaxoSmithKline, Jolyon moved to Procter and Gamble. His success driving a diverse range of leading household brands ultimately led him to the role of Market Strategy and Planning Manager for the Personal Healthcare division, owning such brands as Vicks and launching Thermacare. He also acted in the high profile public-facing role of Procter and Gamble’s Trade Marketing Manager during the UK launch of Pringles and Sunny Delight. With extensive expertise to bring to other organisations, Jolyon co-founded Box Bear and has been responsible for driving its expanding presence in the media communications sector. Finding solutions where none were present.

Steve French


After an early career as a graphic designer within the automotive industry, Steve made the successful transition to front-line sales and marketing. He has specialist experience of the pharmaceuticals sector, working with major brands such as Galen, Organon Labs and Schering Plough. In 2003, he co-founded Box Bear, and has been responsible for developing its unique approach to media communications. He is an accomplished cartoonist and art director, with an eye for detail and a passion for imagery.

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